Monday, 20 July 2009

Hacksat Team E1-E2 Key downloader

please exract e1 and e2 file zip file then send e1 for /tmp

menu-->>addons-->>manuel install

e2 Unzip and ftp to:
set attributes to 755

ENIGMA 1 =500-600-7000-7020
ENIGMA 2 = 800-7025-8000


ALL OLD VERSION DIED USE V9a ONLY downloaded all time updated keys
mgcamd keys (SoftCam.Key AutoRoll.Key files)
cccam keys (SoftCam.Key AutoRoll.Key files) cccam keys ( file)
evocamd keys (Keylist.txt and Autoupdate.Key files)
newcamd keys ( rsakeylist and keylist files)
newcamd keys ( constantcw key file)
gbox keys (nagra key file)
gbox keys (softcam.cfg key file)
camd3 keys (camd3.keys file)
clear all keys button and passwd reset button

Whats new: In old versions had a key deletion problem when web page not working. It's fixed...
Now If web page not working camd selection screen will not appear.
if this screen not appear you can understand wep page problem happened.
With this fix your keys will not be deleted.
Also Because of the domain name change new links for key download are added

Hint from Future Releases: Menu and Channel Lock Reset will be add.

download this file and send in /tmp and use addons manuel on remote control for install (only dreambox 500 and 70x0

Announcement About Hacksat Key Downloader In some forums there is a rumour about hac ksat key downloader. About it get dreambox keys. All of you know this forum and that product. Our group not need any dreambox passwords. And this plugin not work as a trojan.
If you know us please help us to beat this rumour in forums you know.
How you will understand this program as legitimate program:
"first u open it hac with wordpad and read it command u can see all wget commands"
Password button only for people who forgot their dreambox password. "For not to deal with tuxbox commander" only a detail. It only download passwd file to dreambox for solve your problem. It has no use for hac king dreambox. Only for user friendly helper file. Hac ksat key "Downloader" Not "Upload" (Not Send) any information from your dreambox.
HackSat.Org Team

Downloads [Download hacksat]

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